"gender is a performance and i'm doing improv comedy"
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Welcome To The Funhouse
About Vivi
Vito "Vivi" Vega is a performance art exhibit currently located in RVA. After spending a few years pursuing multiple degrees in Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and Graphic Design, it made the decision to obtain a cosmetology degree in order to keep its passion for art alive in spite of the burnout art school drove into it. While it still draws and writes on a daily basis, it now does so as a hobby and for recreational purposes only rather than for monetary gain and is much more laid back about it.

Vivi's Details
Here for: clownery
Status: single
Orientation: gay
Gender: disinterested
Zodiac sign: cancer
Education: tired of it
Ocupation: semi-professional clown

Vivi's Interests
Hobbies: Animating, writing, drawing, reading, designing characters, fashion
Entertainment: games,anime,manga,etc
Music: doo dooo dee dooo
Miscellaneous: list anything else you want here! test1,test2,test3,test4...
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